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Since 2009, we have provided self-paced, instructor-facilitated online courses for Equity and Diversity professionals and Supervisors. We offer the 32 hour certification courses for New EEO Investigators and EEO Counselors and the required annual 8 hour EEO Refresher courses. Once you pay for the course, you will be automatically enrolled and may start at your convenience. You proceed at your own pace and the instructor(s) grade your work when the system notifies them. They will be graded and feedback provided. Once all of your assignments have been successfully graded your certificate will be automatically emailed to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  

    Site announcements

    2023 EEO Courses Now Available

    by Conrad Law -

    Our 2023 EEO Investigator, EEO Counselor and Supervisor trainings have just been added to our site. New courses include topics in Delegation, Performance Reviews, Bullying and Anger Management to name a few.

    Training for New EEO Investigators and New EEO Counselors

    by Conrad Law -

    We provide the required 32 hour certification courses for New EEO Counselors and EEO Investigators. Once you complete the course and receive your certificate, you are eligible to work as a contractor for federal agencies to conduct EEO services through government contractors. The work is remote for companies that have contracts with government agencies. Join the Certified Federal Sector EEO Investigators group on LinkedIn for additional information on these opportunities.

    Welcome to Equity and Diversity Training, our updated e-learning platform

    by Conrad Law -

    In 2009 we established to provide instructor-facilitated online training for EEO professionals. In November 2021 we launched to upgrade and improve our course offerings. Our new and improved platform utilizes the latest upgrade to our learning management system, is mobile compliant, and will offer a wide variety of new courses for EEO professionals, managers and employees of federal, state, local government, corporate, non-profit and higher education students.